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Ticket Prices For the Lewisburg Haunted Cave

Tickets are only sold on site, at the cave ticket booth. We do not sell tickets online.

NOTE: Cash only at Lewisburg Haunted Cave. There is a ATM onsite and several ATM’s at banks in nearby village of Lewisburg. We do not take reservations. If you are in line by Midnight you will be sold a ticket. We do not sell out of tickets.

Fast Pass ticket is $60 dollars any night for any person including kids. Fast Pass skips most but not all of the line. If you have been to the cave before the fast pass takes you directly to the Cave entrance. You will still have to wait in line on the hill. This is not a Front of the line pass or an instant access.

Open from 7pm to Midnight on days in Yellow 

Open from 6pm to Midnight on the days in Red

The Haunted Cave at Lewisburg
4392 Swishers Mill Road,
Lewisburg, OH 45338

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