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Ticket Prices For the Lewisburg Haunted Cave

IF you are in line by midnight you will be sold a ticket. We do not sell out of tickets or take reservations.

Tickets are Cheaper Online. Save Time and $Money$ by pre purchasing tickets online.

Combo ticket is only available Online.

CASH ONLY at the Haunted Cave, There is an ATM near the Ticket booth. For those wanting to use a Credit Card plan on pre-purchasing tickets Online.

Fast Pass ticket is $60 dollars any night for any person including kids. Save $10 dollars by pre-purchasing a fast pass Online for $50. This price is only available online and for pre-purchase. Fast Pass skips most but not all of the line. If you have been to the cave before the fast pass takes you directly to the Cave entrance. You will still have to wait in line on the hill. This is not a Front of the line pass or an instant access. You can upgrade from a normal Ticket to a Fast Pass at anytime for the difference in price.

Open from 7pm to Midnight on days in Yellow 

Open from 6pm to Midnight on the days in Red

The Last Mine Tour leaves at 11:30pm. The Mine Tours starts at the same time as the Cave but closes at 11:30pm each night. Mine tours are weather dependent. Check Facebook for details. Mine Tours are NOT Scary!

Lights “ON” FLashlight Tour

Join us October 19th from 3pm to 5pm for your chance to see the Haunted Cave with the Lights “ON.” Bring your own flashlight for this event, and see the cave without the Actors and Scares.

Walk through the Haunted Cave without the Actors scaring you. You may use your own Flashlight on this tour to see the scenery and sets for this date only. Take your time and enjoy walking the trail. The Props and Lights and Sounds will be on for this show, the only difference is there will not be actors jump scaring and chasing you. Perfect for families, kids and scaredy cats that may be too afraid to go through the Full Haunted Cave Sow. You must exit the cave by 530pm. There maybe actors roaming around and preparing for the night but they will not attempt to scare you.

Groups of 15 or more

Group Ticket Rates are available for purchase ONLINE ONLY. Groups of over 15 Adults will be given $5 dollars off of the ticket price for that night. Tickets must be purchased online by a single order or person. In other words one person must purchase all the tickets in a single transaction ONLINE. The discount will automatically be applied to the total.

The Haunted Cave at Lewisburg
4392 Swishers Mill Road,
Lewisburg, OH 45338

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